‘Make your mark’

“How do you find a way to write differently about property projects?” It’s a fair question, and given we have written the copy for around a hundred property developments to date, it’s one we often consider.

An architect recently told us that in his line of work, the best buildings are the result of the best briefs. That’s also true in our line of work. When the brief is as inspiring as the one which came from Seesaw for Chronicle, writing copy to match the design was a joy.

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Seesaw, one of Melbourne’s most creative studios, was entrusted by Bensons Property Group to create a new brand for a boutique development in Armadale. By the time we joined the project, the concept of a contemporary ballerina had been established, as the property's interior design explored themes that could also be expressed through dance, such as flexibility, space and composition.

We assisted Seesaw with naming the development to add to the brand’s sense of classical beauty. The positioning line, 'Your place in history' added to this balance between timeless beauty and contemporary style. Once this direction was approved we wrote the main marketing brochure. We also wrote a separate brochure for investors, something we often do on projects with strong appeal to the investment or overseas market.

We are often asked to write or help structure videos to accompany a property development’s campaign, which often feature talking heads of architects, developers and agents. For Chronicle, we had the opportunity to flex more creative muscles and write a short piece of narration for a dancer. This result, like the rest of the campaign, helps the project stand apart in an often homogenous and crowded market.

We have worked on many more inspiring property projects with Seesaw including Gardiner, Akora and Norfolk Park. However the studio doesn't only do property – we have also collaborated on a range of industrial, academic, corporate and hospitality brands, helping with copy on brand strategies, naming development, corporate profiles and much more. Whatever the project, we’ve found it’s consistently fun with Seesaw. Never swings and roundabouts.