'A new height of luxury'

The word "luxury” is used so much in property marketing, it is now almost meaningless. There is one studio, however, which understands true luxury, and which consistently delivers brands and designs for the higer end of the property market. That studio is Grenade.

We have collaborated with Grenade on several high end property projects, including Collins House, the new Melbourne tower designed by Bates Smart for the developer, Golden Age.

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Agents books
Video Scripts
Website Content

The brand drew inspiration from the long tradition of Collins Street as the city’s defining avenue of style. Our copy added to that story, writing about the building’s magnificent views, grand floorplans and opulent communal spaces with a sense of romance.

We began by writing the copy for an agent’s book in which we developed the project’s tone of voice and introduced the building’s key features. Following this we interviewed directors from Bates Smart on the equally impressive architecture and interior design, and then wrote the main marketing brochure.

Every property campaign calls for different pieces of collateral. For Collins House we helped craft the voice-over for a promotional video, taglines for use in marketing material, a series of print ads and an additional campaign for the tower's penthouse offering. As with all campaigns which have multiple touchpoints, the copy and tone of voice was consistent.

Following our work on Collins House, Grenade and Golden Age requested our services for their next landmark project: Opera. 

Our work with Grenade has since continued on major property projects in Melbourne and Sydney, which are always delivered to an impeccable standard.

We have also worked with Grenade on